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Absorption-Line Kinematics in DIISC Galaxies

We are finding that the velocity widths of absorption lines around galaxies in the DIISC sample are correlated with column densities along those lines of sight

Published onFeb 28, 2023
Absorption-Line Kinematics in DIISC Galaxies

This video briefly summarizes our results on correlations between velocity width and column density.

The DIISC Survey [1] [2] aims to trace the entire Baryon Cycle using multi-wavelength studies of a sample of ~30 galaxies. As part of this survey, we have performed quasar absorption line spectroscopy, using the Hubble Space Telescope’s Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, to understand the relative abundances and kinematics of circumgalactic gas.

We find a correlation between the column density and Doppler width of individual absorbers. This trend is likely caused by unresolved, overlapping components given that we are also seeing more components per sightline closer to the galaxy.

The results shown here are from an upcoming paper and were first presented at the conference “Oases in the Desert: Understanding the Structure of the Circumgalactic Medium” held at Arizona State University, February 2023.

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